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Laboratory "DROPLET" is intended for educational demonstrations and laboratory work on hydraulics.

It includes transparent plastic colored liquids devices that operate on the principle of a sand-glass and are grouped into four MINILABS:


"Droplet-1" for studying the general hydraulic; consists of devices № 1, 2, 3, 4; 

"Droplet-2" for investigation of open flows; consists of devices № 5, 6, 7; 

"Droplet-3" for studying the bridge hydraulics; consists of devices № 8, 9, 10; 

"Droplet-4" for studying the apparatus hydraulics; consists of the device № 11. 




More than 700 educational institutions in Russia and abroad have already evaluated the level of technical novelty and great advantages of a small lab “Droplet”:


simple in design 
   has no motors, pumps, valves
   does not require water and electricity
    can be placed in a suitcase
   portable and convenient for visual lecture demonstrations
   can be used in any lecture-room at any moment 
   to activate the device it is enough to turn them upside down
   easy to use and provides rapid experimentation
   meets ergonomic parameters of students and is convenient for training sitting
   increases culture and efficiency of educational process
saves the laboratory areas and has a low cost